Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday to the new

Monday mornings should, as a rule, move smoothly. If not, it has the possibility of messing up your entire week.

This Monday however began on a nervous note. Let me explain.
On the bus I sat next to this woman who kept her hands firmly on the back of the seat in front. Every two minutes it looked like she was either going to get up or was clutching onto it for dear life like Schumacher was driving the bus. So I sat more or less in a continuous state of apprehension.

The jump into the train and the ride upped the adrenaline, that, for some reason, is still coursing through my veins.Coupled with the fact that I’m a complete wreck about this ‘sit-at-home-to-study’ thing.Well it robbed me of a good night’s sleep. So glad I spent it fruitfully reading Wodehouse though.
The result it, despite the lack of sleep and nervousness, I have a cheerful disposition.

And the little sleep I managed to grab was punctuated with vivid dreams of Channing Tatum as a dancing G.I. Joe (watched the night before). He’s hot no matter what.
So today begins the rhinoceros stampede to the end of a chapter.

Ricky Martin couldn’t have put it better…go go go… allez allez allez!

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