Monday, August 31, 2009


Taking a break from Math is on the agenda since numbers aren’t really supposed to swim around your head. Shutting my eyes isn’t the solution since the numbers also sneak up on me there. So I hazard a glance outside the window and receive a pleasant shock. Pleasant shock is the correct term since I haven’t seen a sight like this in ages and the inherent simplicity of the beauty fills my joyous cup to the brim. A passing shower left the trees a greeny green, dripping dew. The sky was a gentle blue grey. It looked like something I’d have drawn in art class with poster paints titled ‘A rainy day’ or something. Simply marvelous with all the greens with bright orangey-red flowers to offset it. It even made the black tar road look pretty in the setting. The beach was a decided gold and the sea a tinkly silver. So much beauty!!! I drank it in like a shipwrecked survivor starved for food. How much I took for granted. How much I missed because my nose was stuck in a book or my mind on a cellphone conversation. To add to the awesomeness, a sparrow chirruped from a wet bough and his brothers joined in chorus. Quite a rare sight (sparrows have gone Gawd-kows-where). It put me in such a generous mood that even I forgave the crows their grating caw. And the air! Oh the air! It smelt like paradise. One whiff and I was made new again. Something about it makes you feel like a new person –cold, fresh, smelling like wet earth and flowers. As close to heaven as I get, on earth.

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