Monday, March 20, 2006


today is a bittersweet day... bitttteeeersssswwweeeeeet!
that's 'coz it was the last day of exams and the much needed freedom actually arrived. (gaaah! I know freedom is a state of the mind and all that. But I need the holidays). Also it's the last day of this year. My first year in degree college. I can't believe how fast time flew, the people I've studied with FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!! aaaaah! getting nostalgic... all the pranks we played, all the fun we had, all the presentations and projects, all the studies we did, all the teachers we were taught by, the goof-ups and damage conrol, all the conspiracies against the management (heeheee)... everything seems nice.
we are never going to get this time back but I'm glas we made full use of it. The class is amazing and we have amazing, talented people who will make their mark on the world. The teachers may have given us hell but most of the time their classes were fun. If the next two years are gonna pass like this... I'm gonna be left wallowing in the past... Bittersweet.

memories will come flooding back in 10 years time but for now I just wanna enjoy the wonderful class God has given me. LOVE YOU ALL PEOPLE!!! (yeah including the principal!)

Monday, March 13, 2006

C’est la vie!!!

Picture this –typical college day. You arrive at college and see one of your friends. “Heyyyyy!” goes the high-pitched yell and you hug. But if you could read their thoughts you’d be shocked because at the back of their minds they’d be thinking, “What an idiot. Her T-shirt’s stuck in her fly!” They’d be sniggering behind your back and smiling amiably at you. Ah! The paradox of life!
Ever realized when it comes to the crunch and you are left standing all alone? YES! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. People have become superficial and are out to gain. During exam time do you feel like the most popular person –don’t. They’re just after your notes. You put your trust into somebody and think that this is as close to best friendship as it can get when suddenly your bubble bursts when the other person finds ‘popular’ friends and you were too boring to hang out with anyway!!!
These are just some of the examples that are strewn along the path of growing up. It’s not restricted to adolescence but throughout life you will find people like these. A flawless mask behind which flawed people hide. You are so carried away till you realize you are stuck in quicksand.
When you are honest and open why can’t the other person be honest also? People are out only for material gain and don’t care how many people they trample to reach their goals. They will shake your hand and shoot you in the back. C’est la vie!!! Stereotyped images of people often tend to mislead us. Instead of looking for perfect people maybe we should accept the fact that we are all human. If black stands for bad and white for good –who’s black or white? Everyone’s gray and in this gray you find many shades.
In this world there is SUCH a need to fit in, that you are willing to forfeit your own identity to blend in with the rest. Here is when people’s insecurities come to the surface and in masking them hurt other people.
The world is not going to change. If it makes you happy to trust people –then trust; but realize that there is a glossy veil before your eyes and if it suits you to change –then change, but don’t forget that in changing as an individual you are changing your destiny. What goes around comes around!
To all those who wear their heart on their sleeves--- cut off your sleeves.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I see the light!!!

i thought i lost my way...and i had
i didnt feel the need to write anymore. I didnt love my pen and paper. my thoughts were stagnant...and i thought i had passed the phase of my life, the writing phase. it didnt give me joy anymore.
but i was wrong. all it took was a friend and a little wisdom to guide me back to light.
eternal sunshine they may say... it's true. the light never went out, it just got hidden behind this cloud.