Sunday, March 12, 2006

I see the light!!!

i thought i lost my way...and i had
i didnt feel the need to write anymore. I didnt love my pen and paper. my thoughts were stagnant...and i thought i had passed the phase of my life, the writing phase. it didnt give me joy anymore.
but i was wrong. all it took was a friend and a little wisdom to guide me back to light.
eternal sunshine they may say... it's true. the light never went out, it just got hidden behind this cloud.


NisforNihilist said...

hey thanks for reading my blog

Ritz said...

dude thats writers sucks... had one for a long time.. the trick is to keep writing non stop.. n yeah read good books and be among ppl who inspire you (interesting ppl like me...lols jus kiddin) well glad your outta it.. love to check out your writing now and again.. keep it up girl