Sunday, December 11, 2005

The world's going bonkers

If you look at the current political situation and the situation 100 years ago it doesn't seem to have changed. May be a bit of throwing around of power here and there. but all in all the situation's really sticky. It' like being in the middle of an inferno and saying, "hey I'm okay!!!" when you are not. everyone's wanting superpower status and the US is busy guarding it's top spot. have you see the way US and Britain are always running to hde in each other's skits and patting each other on the back. It's like the mutual admiration society! There are these courageous countries like France that take a stand and don't back down. Then there is Russia that says, " Peace bro! I'm friends with you all!!!" India and pakistan always at loggerheads had running to big brother US or nicely evading the problem for as long as they can. It's so funny, when you look at the pictures of Prez Musharraf and PM Singh shaking hands they are all sugar and honey but in their minds they are swearing at each other!!! HAHAHA!!! Me as a commoner can only laugh at all the fun. then there's te dragon China that surfaces blowing fire and makes the superpowers shake and shiver with fear. The little football UN that's being kicked around merrily by them all.
It just make you wonder at what's happening with the world!!!

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Pranoti said...

satya open ur eyes to the world.. dont write with a closeted mind.. the world is constantly evolving.. look around you.. the hut tht was on the corner of the road has bricks n elcetricity today.. the world is different satya.. ur experiencing it with a closed mind.. so everything seems alike.. think about it..