Monday, March 20, 2006


today is a bittersweet day... bitttteeeersssswwweeeeeet!
that's 'coz it was the last day of exams and the much needed freedom actually arrived. (gaaah! I know freedom is a state of the mind and all that. But I need the holidays). Also it's the last day of this year. My first year in degree college. I can't believe how fast time flew, the people I've studied with FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!! aaaaah! getting nostalgic... all the pranks we played, all the fun we had, all the presentations and projects, all the studies we did, all the teachers we were taught by, the goof-ups and damage conrol, all the conspiracies against the management (heeheee)... everything seems nice.
we are never going to get this time back but I'm glas we made full use of it. The class is amazing and we have amazing, talented people who will make their mark on the world. The teachers may have given us hell but most of the time their classes were fun. If the next two years are gonna pass like this... I'm gonna be left wallowing in the past... Bittersweet.

memories will come flooding back in 10 years time but for now I just wanna enjoy the wonderful class God has given me. LOVE YOU ALL PEOPLE!!! (yeah including the principal!)

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Anonymous said...

wait till you leave college. cherish what you have NOW.