Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rainy wainy

I trundle through wet streets with my many bags hoping to reach work on time. The incessant patter of rain on my umbrella leaves me quite deaf. This grumpiness from the person who loves rain and prayed for it?! Let me clarify, I like watching the rain when I’m warmly snuggling in my bed with a mug of hot coffee. But reaching work sopping wet to a welcoming air conditioner with the appearance of a wet chicken… well that’s not part of the plan at all. So I pinged God on his IM. “wht da heck?!”. His reply -“rotflmao”. Sigh, it’s not very comforting when God’s laughing his ass off at your plight. “wtf??!!!” I type back furious.
Well it’s like this. We humans love to curse things. When it’s hot we curse the heat and pray for rain so we can curse it instead. When it rains we yell our head off at the wetness dreaming of cool winter days. Through chattering teeth in winter we yearn for sunshiney summers with all its vacation. All year round God is grumbled at. So he gets his kick out of making us look like wet chickens, cooked geese or cold turkey.
This season goes both ways, the smell of lovely wet earth vs fungassy clothes, blissful weekends to cold and wet weekdays. Good and bad are a couple and they’re here to stay.

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