Saturday, March 22, 2008

Will you be there for me?

Lately, so many people have been asking me this. As if, in their storm tossed lives, they look for one constant, one rock… weather-beaten but there. They are unsure of where they go and when they will come. But if they do come back, they need the assurance that someone will be there for them, someone they can come back to. They want me to be that person- who will listen to them, be a balm on their travel weary bodies, soothe their uprooted hearts and minds. In the dynamic, ever-changing they ask, “will you be there for me?”
I say, “Yes, always.” Not forever, because forever has ceased to mean anything…. So, always, till the end of time. But when I ask them the same question, they look apologetic as if making an excuse for their fickle minds, hearts and loyalties.
So I sigh, and continue being there for them, without anyone “being there” for me.


Abhi said...

Yeah.. this happens.
Worse is, when those very people who you care for so much, tell you that you being naive and stupid when you are trying to help them selflessly.

But yes, we dont change nice-selves just coz there are cynics all around :)

Smiling Serpent said...

what am i, a 3D image?